MTN’s 2022 Thanksgiving Event on News 12

Thanks News 12 for the coverage.


Our 12th annual Richard & Nola thanksgiving event happened on Saturday at Old Ship of Zion Baptist Church Englishtown/Monroe (central)NJ.

This year, we blessed over 900 families across NJ. Families gathered from as far south as Trenton to as far north as Patterson to receive a basket with all the essentials to make a proper dinner including a Turkey.

The community came together in unity to make a true difference. Students, teachers, families, churches, small businesses all banned together with MTN to bring a Happy Thanksgiving to struggling families across NJ

Shout out to MTN’s Community outreach Director, Jasmine Austin-Leaks, while pregnant, she worked around the clock to make this project a success.

Next project for MTN, RJ’s Toy Chest, bringing over 1500 toys to children for the holiday.

This is what the joy of the holidays is all about. Visit our site-


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