MTN Organization’s 11th Annual Thanksgiving Effort

This video shows what I call controlled chaos at its highest.


Spotlight NJ video-

Yesterday, volunteers gathered in Manalapan at Old Ship
Of Zion to help MTN – Meet The Need ‘s 11th Annual Richard & Nola Feed Families for Thanksgiving. 900 Thanksgiving Baskets given to families throughout NJ. This year we kicked it up a notch and every basket got a case of water.

MTN Founders Reggie and Yvette Anderson

Our daughter Jasmine Nola organized volunteers to shop, pack, load and on the day of registered each car. This isn’t just about the day, it’s also the months of preparation it takes to pull this off – it’s no small task. The team just makes it look that way. Great job Jasmine!

Our Daughter Jasmine Austin-Leaks, director of community outreach

These efforts spread across NJ from Trenton to Newark and towns in between. The parking lot filled with Uhaul’s ready to make deliveries, while students from Marlboro NHS & Manalapan High cheerleaders came to give of their time to help load bins to be taken to struggling families, special needs, veterans and seniors, all to make sure everyone has the gift of a Happy Thanksgiving. The unity this event brings is unmatched. In times like these seeing all ages and races coming together sets MTN apart.

Caleb Rand and Kevin Stokes jr

Organization we helped this year include:
NAACP of Greater Freehold
Continental Senior Bldg – Freehold
Hudson Manor Senior Bldg- Freehold
Boys & Girls Mercer – Trenton
VFW 2140 – Long Branch
Community Connection – Brick
Bradley Beach Elementary School
Greater in Numbers – Carteret
Scars to Stars – New Brunswick
Polk Elementary – Roselle
Old ship of Zion – Manalapan
Community Refuge – Manalapan
Wash A Load – Newark
Tree House Cares -Newark
Christian Cathedral Ministries- Asbury
Union Lodge – Union
Pastor Nun – Lakewood & Neptune
Plus countless families from all over. Some came as far as an hour & 15 minutes to pick up a basket. As you can see our territory has expanded.

Our volunteers are like no other. They come out ready to work. We thank God for the vision, the resources and the strength to pull off 3 huge projects simultaneously. One down and 2 to go. Up next is RJ’s Toy Chest!

Keep in mind while all this is going on MTN is feeding 1600 families weekly through our prepared meal program and weekly free food pantry. We take no breaks. Hunger and poverty never sleeps and we are always ready and willing to serve!

Manalapan Cheerleaders
Manalapan Cheerleaders, Mike Palmer

What God gives us we don’t take lightly! Obedience is key. What you see is love! Packed in love, wrapped in love and given in love!

Loading Vehicles, Aahana Bitla, Pat Devine, & Dina Giliberti

Thank you to all who gave, shared, prayed and helped make the day a success!

3 lanes in total, 2 for families to drive up to receive blessings, and 1 additional lane for Organizations
Helpers, Chris Naspo (Teacher, Freehold Borough Schools, and Vic Conover (we are the future basketball freehold), Reggie Anderson (founder)


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