2021 NCNW Virtuous Woman Award, Congrats Yvette Anderson

NCNW North Shore Area Secrion:

Last night was nothing short of amazing sitting there watching my wife Yvette Austin-Anderson in her element

I always say she wears her heart on her sleeve. It’s nice to see her get the much deserved recognition as of late for the tireless work I’ve watched her put in the last 20 years. Not just with MTN but since I’ve known her. She’s always been the person uplifting, encouraging and empowering anyone she could. From children, to teens, to adults her love knows no bounds.

If you know her you know if she has it, it’s yours, if she doesn’t she’s going to pray and receive a miracle to get it.

Join me in congratulating the women I have the honor to call wife! What she does has changed my life and I am thankful to be apart of something as special as MTN!

Please visit AndersonsMeetTheNeed.org and see the great things we have going on.

Pray, Share, Donate and help us continue to meet the need!


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