Union Township 1st BHM Humanitarian Award

Thank you Mayor Michele Delisfort and Township of Union for this huge surprise honor. Yvette Austin-Anderson and I were honored enough to be asked to do an interview but to be surprised after with a Humantrian Award really blew us away, as you can see from our response. We do this because we care – not for accolades, but it’s always nice to feel appreciated.
Being recognized along side Committeeman Clifton PeopleJr is overwhelming and a privilege to say the least. Congratulations to you sir. Well deserved.

I grew up in Union and still have such strong ties to the community through my mom, daughter, grandson and countless family & friends. Being able to come and give back to Union is special and brings us both so much joy. Knowing I can play a small part in making the community I grew up in better, is a Blessing I don’t take lightly. I am truly grateful to know Mayor Delisfort welcomes MTN, myself and my wife Yvette with open arms. We couldn’t be more thankful, more honored and humbled by the recognition.

Thank you again Mayor Michelle Delisfort for seeing the value in what we do! This award has a special place in our office.

Visit AndersonsMeetTheNeed.org
Pray, Share, Donate – it all counts – Be the Difference!


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