MTN made our way to Union 2 weeks ago and I am always proud to give back to my hometown. Servicing all of NJ is no easy task but we are always Blessed and called higher than we sometimes invision. My fuel comes from my son RJ. He came into this world fighting and left lasting footprints on my heart to be better and do better. I carry him with me on these journeys as a constant reminder of the troubles people face but how important it is that we overcome the obstacles placed in our path, that we use them to strengthen & help others heal, remain hopeful and keep the faith.

I see so many struggling during these uncertain times. More people who have never been in need are finding themselves in a place they never imagined and it’s up to us to HELP. My wife always tells me we do this because we never know when we may need help, so let’s do all that we can, while we can. It’s by the Grace of God we aren’t in lines seeking food, clothing & shelter. Let us not forget that! Remember to BE a Blessing because you are so Blessed!

Thank you Union for having us, TV 34 for interviewing & hearing our story and to everyone we serve may God continue to strengthen you. Keep your head up, continue to pray, trust and believe because we serve an ABLE God and he hears you.

Visit learn, share, donate & come out to see the Magic for yourself


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